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How It Begins And Was Created

It all began with a serendipitous discovery on foreign soil. I stumbled upon a unique material and cutting that I had never encountered before. No matter how I washed them, tossed them into the dryer, or crammed them into my travel bag, they emerged unwrinkled and unscathed. Even after sweating profusely, they dried effortlessly under the air conditioning, free from any stains or lingering odors.

These two pieces remained by my side for nearly six years, a testament to their enduring quality. It was during this time that I scoured the local market in Malaysia in search of similar material and craftsmanship, only to be met with disappointment. 

That was the turning point when I resolved to create my own line. It took nine months of dedication, countless trials, and unwavering determination to realize this vision. I delved deep into understanding the sizing needs of Malaysians, meticulously researching and refining until perfection was achieved.

Today, we proudly present APLJ, born from a simple idea that has transformed into a grand vision: to craft a top that seamlessly accompanies you through the diverse landscapes and vibrant experiences of our nation and most importantly to share this amazing piece with my fellow Malaysians !

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